Freelance Couriers

Freelance Couriers – Reshaping E-Fulfillment’s Race for the Last Mile

Amid the excitement of drones, autonomous vehicles, and reusable suborbital rockets, the e-commerce industry is in the crosshairs of a “last mile” delivery problem. It’s driven by the shopping behaviors of Generation X, Y and the new Millennials. As e-commerce companies take aim at the solution, Freelance Couriers are coming into sight.

This session will examine the factors driving the “Last Mile” and how it drives freelance based delivery solutions, the challenges facing the fulfillment center, ways to address them, and future Supply Chain considerations influenced by Omni-Channels and Freelance Couriers.

feb event

Attendees will learn:

  • What is the “Last Mile” and how is it driving freelance based delivery solutions?
  • Current freelance / lifestyle couriers and how they are being deployed.
  • The challenges facing fulfillment centers due to freelance delivery systems and how to address them.
  • How the supply chain of the future will be shaped by omni-channel fulfillment and freelance couriers.